Rick Jeanneret, Voice of the Sabres passes away at 81

Renowned Voice of the Sabres, Rick Jeanneret, has Passed Away at 81

Rick Jeanneret passes
                                       Rick Jeanneret 

The Buffalo Sabres community is in mourning as the iconic voice of the team, Rick Jeanneret, bids farewell at the age of 81. A statement from Jeanneret’s family released by the Sabres confirmed his peaceful passing, with loved ones by his side. The news revealed that he had been battling multi-organ failure for two years. His legacy will forever remain alive in the hearts of those who cherished him.

An esteemed Hall of Famer and an unparalleled sports broadcaster, Rick Jeanneret held a special place in both the world of sports and the WNY community. Fondly remembered for his unforgettable on-ice calls, phrases like “top shelf where mama hides the cookies” and “may day! may day! may day!” are etched into the memories of fans, encapsulating the essence of his unique style.

However, Jeanneret’s impact extended far beyond commentary; it became an integral part of the game itself, enhancing the excitement of each play. His calls during pivotal moments, such as goals or impactful hits, were known to ignite an immediate surge of adrenaline and bring a smile to listeners’ faces. The phrases “Holy Mackerel” and “call a cop he robed him blind!” became iconic symbols of his fervor for the team and the moments that defined its journey.

With an illustrious 51-year broadcasting career, Rick’s exceptional contributions were recognized by both the Sabres and the hockey hall of fame. His numerous awards and accolades culminated in the prestigious Foster Hewitt Memorial Award for broadcasting excellence, presented by the Hockey Hall of Fame.

Rick Jeanneret
                                          Rick Jeanneret

Having had the privilege of interacting with Rick on various occasions, I can attest to his approachability and genuine nature. As he entered the arena, fans would eagerly call out “RJ RJ,” and he would pause to engage with them, taking photos and generously giving his time. This connection with fans, players, and staff alike showcased his warm demeanor and genuine character.

Rick’s legacy is deeply interwoven with the very fabric of the KeyBank Arena, and his resonant voice will echo in the hearts of Buffalo’s faithful fans. More than an announcer, he personified passion, humor, and unwavering professionalism.

Rick Jeanneret
                                          Rick Jeanneret

After witnessing a spectacular save by Dominik Hasek or Ryan Miller, he famously exclaimed, “We are not worthy!” But looking back on Rick’s life and career, it’s evident that perhaps it was all of us who were not worthy of his remarkable presence. Rest in peace, RJ.

Rick Jeanneret is survived by his wife, Sandra, his children, Mark, Chris, and Shelly, and a multitude of grandchildren.

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